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Unsere Künstler*innen



Alexander Wacker über Ebony Schneeweiß

Eine kleine Geschichte von Quittenbäumen und Familie.





Alina Hoffmann über Smilla Siebenschock

This short Video shows the process of getting to know Smilla. (Please click on the photo to direct to the video).





Alisa Siebert über Giang Nguyen

This video is about Giang, who made a huge change in his life, by moving from Vietnam to Germany 6 years ago.





Andric Späth, Felix Hering und Laura von Albert übereinander





Can Wagener über Roland Ronge

A foto of Roland Ronge - taken by Can Wagener





Ebony Schneeweiß über Alexander Wacker

Ebony über Alex





Fabian Gimpel über Lena Risse

A sound installation to portrait multiple aspects of Lena and the correlation between them





Giang Nguyen über Alisa Siebert

Medium: Documentary - 15 mins

In this documentary, Giang Nguyen want to tell the story and experiences of Alisa Siebert, a 22-year-old art student at the University of Art Kassel





Hannah Deger über Sonja Wassermann

(Please click on the picture to direct to the game)





Huiqing Ren über Michelle Monja Haupt

The short Comic “Ice Cream Sundae” presents the very unique personalities of Michelle. Her hobbies are especially mentioned.





Husein Bastouni über Mo Harawe





Hyunsoo Shin über Julie Matthées

How are you, Julie?

How are you, Julie? and she said ...

Click on the picture to direct to the video





Julie Matthées über Hyunsoo Shin





Justin Albrecht über Mia Baden





Lena Risse über Fabian Gimpel





Marit-Helen Brunnert über Rosali Fee Karré





Martin Keziah Vella über Tony Bartos





Mia Bade über Justin Albrecht

The felted doll is portraying Justin Albrecht in the process of creative self-creation. (click on the picture for a 360°-stop-motion-animation)





Michelle Monja Haupt über Huiqing Ren





Mo Harawe über Husein Bastouni





Roland Ronge über Can Wagener

On this video Roland want to tell the story of Can Wagener (Please click on the picture to direct to the video)





Rosali Fee Karré über Marit-Helen Brunnert

La Sainte du Cornichons





Smilla Siebenschock über Alina Hoffmann

Foto: Julie Matthées





Sonja Wassermann über Hannah Deger





Tony Bartos über Martin Keziah Vella